December 8, 2008

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry

Band/artist - Twisted Sister
Genre(s) - Glam metal, hard rock
Origin - United States of America
Album - Stay Hungry
Year of release - 1984

Ah, the ugliest album cover in history and I have it on super-official vinyl. :) Twisted Sister are masters of bad taste and Stay Hungry is the band's most well-known album, as it has both I Wanna Rock and We're Not Gonna Take It. Personally I think the former track is way overrated but the latter belongs to the coolest tracks, together with the opening (title) song and Burn in Hell. But except for Horrorteria, there's nothing to complain about on this release. Great stuff to shout along and bang your fist to, with the ultimate rock'n'roll attitude and, intended or not, a huge dose of humour.
As far as I'm concerned, Dee Snider deserves a medal. What a hero. Did you know that is his real hair? Fucking awesome. So anyway, not much in the way of emotion or atmosphere, but some very cool rock music.
  1. Stay hungry
  2. We're not gonna take it
  3. Burn in hell
  4. Horrorteria (Captain Howdy)
  5. I wanna rock
  6. The price
  7. Don't let me down
  8. The beast
  9. SMF (sick motherfucker)
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