December 22, 2008

Bob Dylan & the Grateful Dead - Dylan & the Dead

Band/artist - Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead
Genre(s) - Folk rock
Origin - United States of America
Album - Dylan & the Dead
Year of release - 1989

Christmas stress? Not sure if you're gonna get your cooking done on time? Still not sent those Christmas cards?Are the kids gonna like their presents? Chillax! Escape the agitation the holiday season brings with ye masters of psych and ye master of folk, combined.
Usually I probably wouldn't have found this so interesting cause I'm not the greatest fan of Bobby's voice or most of his songs, but Dylan and the Dead? Oh hell yeah. Such easy-going music has never been heard before. Despite (sadly) featuring Dylan songs only, the Grateful Dead do certainly leave their stamp on them. This is some laid-back folk rock, and especially wonderful on the way to work - especially by train - and not even because the first track's title. I think there's something magical about trains, and this music recognizes that. Incidentally, Slow Train is probably the most wonderful song on here together with Knockin' on Heaven's Door.
  1. Slow train
  2. I want you
  3. Gotta serve somebody
  4. Queen Jane approximately
  5. Joey
  6. All along the watchtower
  7. Knockin' on heaven's door
Load it down

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