December 7, 2008

Elffor - Unblessed Woods

Band/artist - Elffor
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Bizkaia, Basque Country
Album - Unblessed Woods
Year of release - 2006

Please do not mind the rather cartoonesque album art, true beauty is found on the inside!
Elffor is a vehicle for Eöl, keyboardist of Basque-nationalist band Numen, and has always been very synth-minded. Summoning is clearly the greatest example to this project, and earlier albums sounded suspiciously like more tedious imitations of Minas Morgul. Unblessed Woods is the first album to partly let go of this formula, bringing a greater dose of aggression, more subtle atmospherics and an increased variety to the table. When the black metal is allowed free rein the music is at its best, and you can feel it taking over the space within your skull. This is beautifully demonstrated by the explosive tracks Through the Mist and ...From Ancient Scrypts. This is some epic symphonic black metal, and extra kudos for responsible use of a drum computer.
  1. Unblessed woods
  2. Through the mist
  3. Of heretic pagan kingdom
  4. Winter, fullmoon, sorrow
  5. Dark orchestral hate
  6. ...From ancient scrypts
  7. Gorgorium goth
  8. The forgotten dying moon
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