December 8, 2008

Xavier Rudd - Food in the Belly

Band/artist - Xavier Rudd
Genre(s) - Folk, reggae, surf
Origin - Australia (Torquay, Victoria)
Album - Food in the Belly
Year of release - 2005

I saw this dude live in Amsterdam once and he absolutely blew my mind. Seriously, I had never danced like that, and without a drop of alcohol in my body. At some point the people were dancing on the freakin' stage! Crazy times. Of course you can't expect the same energy to be caught on a plastic disk let alone in mp3 file format, but Food in the Belly comes pretty close. Using didgeridoos, slide, bass and regular guitar, various sorts of percussion and more, Xavier Rudd is a one man band in the classic sense, in live situations often playing two or three instruments simultaneously. This way, he creates a really positive blend of sounds, incorporating folk, reggae, surf and world music influences. It's both warm and refreshing, foreign and familiar, energetic and relaxing, all these things and more, purely the expression of a beautiful, creative soul.

[The RAR file says 2006; my mistake.]
  1. The letter
  2. Messages
  3. Pockets of peace
  4. Energy song
  5. Fortune teller
  6. The mother
  7. Food in the belly
  8. My missing
  9. Mana
  10. Connie's song
  11. Famine
  12. Generation fade
  13. September 24, 1999
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