December 26, 2008

Agalloch - two EPs

Band/artist - Agalloch
Genre(s) - Neofolk-metal
Origin - United States of America (Portland, OR)

Up to a couple of months ago I ignored Agalloch completely due to soaring popularity. At the time it felt too much like jumping on the bandwagon and I'm no athlete. Quite glad I tried it out in the end. Haughm and company sound much like a neofolk-ensemble switched to metal yet keeping a lot of old influences. This results in some bleak and atmospheric music, thematically centered around negative feelings and love for nature, but too restrained to be conveniently labeled black, doom or folk metal. I figure that if you're looking for their albums you can probably find them all over the instawebs so when it comes to uploading, I'm going for the EPs. Of Stone, Wind and Pillor shows off the trademarks of their style, like their remarkable twin-guitar approach - one electric and one acoustic - and their penchant towards acoustic and ambient passages. Tomorrow Will Never Come is a two-track release consisting of an alternative version of A Celebration for the Death of Man, and a new, very desolate-sounding neofolk track with spoken-word samples.

Album - Of Stone, Wind and Pillor
Year of release - 2001
  1. Of stone, wind and pillor
  2. Folorium viridium
  3. Haunting birds
  4. Kneel to the cross
  5. A poem by Yeats
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Album - Tomorrow Will Never Come
Year of release -
  1. Death of man (version III)
  2. Tomorrow will never come
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