January 11, 2009

Yes, it's Harry Potter

Band/artist - Various
Genre(s) - Wizard rock!!
Origin - Mainly the USA, I believe
Album - Another of my own compilations
Year of release - Never

So I made you a Wizard rock compilation. Wizard rock? Oh yeah. Rock - well it can be any type of music really - with lyrics about the Harry Potter books. Hey, don't laugh, there's hundreds of metal bands who think they're tough because they've got Tolkien-inspired nicknames and lyrics. And that while
Harry Potter books lead children to witchery, satanism and jumping out of windows carrying brooms, while LotR teaches adults to LARP, so which is the grimmest series here? I'm not ashamed to profess my undying love for Joanne K. Rowling and the wonderful, wonderful world that she's made! Anyway, Wizard rock bands obviously consist of mostly obsessed fans turned amateur bedroom musicians, so don't expect much more than simple rock and acoustic popsongs, lovingly crafted as a homage to the series, its characters and settings and events. However, The Fate of Severus Snape is a bit postpunkish and The Sectumsempras are a Wizard darkwave project. Picture above by Dave Roman, who is not me.
  1. The Whomping Willows - Ginny is a punk rocker
  2. The Whomping Willows - Bad case of the voldies
  3. Draco and the Malfoys - Hippogriffs deserve to die
  4. Draco and the Malfoys - My dad is rich
  5. The Parselmouths - It's not half bad
  6. The Hermione Crookshanks Experience - Hey hey Ron
  7. The Hermione Crookshanks Experience - Not the messenger
  8. Ginny and the Heartbreakers - I have red hair
  9. Ginny and the Heartbreakers - Halloween at Hogwarts
  10. Ginny and the Heartbreakers - The happiest day
  11. The Sectumsempras - Judgement
  12. The Remus Lupins - The Order
  13. The Remus Lupins - Fate of Severus Snape
Load it down (43.62 MB)


  1. Rowling is a copyright obsessed dick. But I do enjoy the books.

  2. True, and I deplore the commercialisation of the books with the movies (which I must say I also like) and merchandising, with at the decadent summit of it all the Harry Potter theme park that is now being built. :(

    But Jo is lenient towards fanfiction for instant and teaches kids valid values about equality and solidarity and implicitly the dangers of racial profiling and right wing politics. She's alright in my book.