January 17, 2009

Reel Big Fish - Our Live Album...

Band/artist - Reel Big Fish
Genre(s) - Ska punk
Origin - United States of America
Album - Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album
Year of release - 2006

Double live albums are the best of albums, only exceeded by three-disc live albums of course but you can't have it all. This one is crammed full of purebred ska punk that's bound to make you skank around. Those responsible, the Reel Big Fish, have something entirely endearing. They don't have much up with politics and focus purely on fun, awesomeness and kicking asses. Retaining much more old school ska influences than for instance Less than Jake or Mad Caddies, their melodies are filled with a huge amount of positive energy, the lyrics are very hilarious and sarcastic and they take the time for some incredibly witty stage banter.
Tracks deal with relationships going horribly wrong, the vagaries of the music industry, picking up chicks, kicking ass, having a good time and other such light subjects, and there are way too many really awesome ones on here to point them out for you. The guys sound like they're really having fun on-stage, and with music like theirs, how couldn't they.

Disc 1 - Load it down (72.81 MB)
  1. Trendy
  2. Everything sucks
  3. The bad guy
  4. Maximum swearing
  5. Ban the tube top
  6. She's famous now
  7. Drinkin'
  8. Boys don't cry
  9. I want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend (too)
  10. Dateless losers
  11. The set up (you need this)
  12. Somebody hates me
  13. Valerie
  14. Talkin' bout a revolution
  15. Beer
  16. Take on me
  17. S.R.
Disc 2 - Load it down (56.15 MB)
  1. Kiss me deadly
  2. So much for rock 'n' roll
  3. The 90s
  4. She has a girlfriend now
  5. The kids don't like it
  6. The fire
  7. A little doubt goes a long way
  8. I'm trying to be funny
  9. Awesome
  10. Turn the radio off
  11. Where have you been?
  12. Good thing
  13. Your guts (I hate 'em)
  14. Nothin'
  15. Best band ever
  16. Don't start a band
  17. A fond adieu
  18. Sell out

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