January 27, 2009

Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live

Band/artist - Peter Gabriel
Genre(s) - Progressive rock
Origin - United Kingdom
Album - Secret World Live
Year of release - 1994

Peter Gabriel is one of those artists I always thought I'd never be able to like - back when one all-too processed snare drum hit could turn me away from a band forever. Hearing this particular version of Solsbury Hill later made me realize how stupid I'd been... again. This whole album has a wonderful wealth of different sounds and textures from a very large and versatile backing band,
including Tony Levin on bass, you know, King Crimson's very bald, very moustached stick-bass player. I've also really come to appreciate Gabriel as a singer, his voice has a very pleasant, rugged sort of timbre, if that makes sense. He lets the glorious afrobeat-influences come to the fore in a couple of the most beautiful songs on the release, like Come Talk to Me and Shaking the Tree. And again, I have to stress the beauty of Solsbury Hill. What a song! It reminds me very much of when I was fired from the hospital after 14 days of being cooped up on one grey, depressive corridor, and I was waiting for my parents to collect me. My heart going "boom boom boom"... Son, he said, grab your things I've come to take you home.
  1. Come talk to me
  2. Steam
  3. Accross the river
  4. Slow marimbas
  5. Shaking the tree
  6. Red rain
  7. Blood of Eden
  8. Kiss that frog
  9. Washing of the water
  10. Solsbury Hill
  11. Digging in the Dirt
  12. Sledgehammer
  13. Secret world
  14. Don't give up
  15. In your eyes
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