January 1, 2009

Räserbajs - Noppriga Tights och Moonboots

Band/artist - Räserbajs
Genre(s) - Punkrock
Origin - Sweden
- Noppriga Tights och Moonboots
Year of release - 1995

To be honest, I have very little to tell about Räserbajs. They're Swedish and they want you to know it. They play hypermelodic punkrock, not pretending to be a threat to the system or anyone in general. Apparently the lyrics are political at times, but personally I can't really tell. It's quite happy, playful music and always fun to listen to. According to a friend, bajs means shit but räser has no real meaning. Perhaps they mean razor-shit. Catchy!
  1. Alinge Texas
  2. B. Stjärt, C. Tilt, O. Gissa den 3e
  3. Jag legend
  4. I magen på Anette
  5. Kollektiv Avrättring
  6. O-låten
  7. Intelligensreserven
  8. Frihet
  9. Kommandoren
  10. Spriten räddade mig från sporten
  11. Fine flickor
  12. Interna klubben
  13. Kulturfabriken
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  1. direct translation = racer shit, but it is slang meaning diarrhea.