January 23, 2009

The Birthday Massacre - Walking with Strangers

Band/artist - The Birthday Massacre
Genre(s) - Gothic rock
Origin - Toronto, Canada
Album - Walking with Strangers
Year of release - 2007

Rabbits, kids' stuff, silhouttes... that must be The Birthday Massacre. TBM are an interesting band that features chunky guitars, old-school synthesiser, frontwoman Chibi's gorgeous vocals and a preoccupation with the colour violet. The idea was to create some sort of anachronistic blend, dubbed "post-retro" by the band, of modern rock and old-fashioned gothic electronic. You'll have to judge for yourself if they succeeded at that, all I can tell you that, and in contrast to the associations that the term gothic calls up, it's not dark or negative at all.
It's refined, catchy, uplifting, quite danceable music. The songs are straightforward verse-chorus units for the most part, and most of the refrains kick plenty of ass. Not unlike the Sisters of Mercy, TBM tracks like Falling Down, Kill the Lights, Looking Glass and the title track fill you up with a hedonistic euphoria more effective than a river of coffee.
  1. Kill the lights
  2. Goodnight
  3. Falling down
  4. Unfamiliar
  5. Red stars
  6. Looking glass
  7. Science
  8. Remember me
  9. To die for
  10. Walking with strangers
  11. Weekend
  12. Movie
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  1. It's weird I heard about this band on "Real Industrial Radio" which is a Canadian radio station. It was one that stuck out too me over other songs I've heard on there. Very good CD.