January 11, 2009

Stillhet - Domt at Have Sit Liv Forbrudt

Band/artist - Stillhet
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Norway
Album - Domt at have sit liv forbrudt
Year of release - 2007

Tried this one out because of the seriously grim album art, expecting some equally grim music though not anything mindblowing. And well guess what, that's exactly what I got. It's definitely good stuff, with a solid sound and well put-together songs (especially Rovmord and Vemod og Skam), played with precision and sadistic fervour. But the band hasn't got anything extra to offer that separates them from all other "average" black metal bands - not yet, at any rate. I did also find an earlier demo, Gjemt i Skyggene, showing that with this here EP, Stillhet have considerably improved their skill as songwriters and musicians, since. With this in mind I am curious to see how hey will develop as a band from here, and hope they will find something to set themselves apart from their peers. The potential is definitely there.
  1. Intro
  2. Rovmord (murder-robbery)
  3. Hatets energi (hate's energy)
  4. Vemod og skam (sadness and shame)
  5. Den ugudelige (the ungodly)
Load it down (36.2 MB)

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