January 4, 2009

Will-o-the Wisp - Ceremony of Innocence

Band/artist - Will-o-the Wisp
Genre(s) - Progressive
psychedelic rock
Origin - Greece
Album - Ceremony of Innocence
Year of release - 2004

My interest in psychedelic rock comes and goes and at the moment it's at the bottom of its curve. Doesn't stop me from sharing Ceremony of Innocence with you. This has for some time been one of my favourite modern psychrock albums. Where most bands nowadays easily cross into fuzz-heavy, stonerlike territory, Will-o-the Wisp keep a transparent sound, with open arrangements and not much in the way of heaviness or distortion. They have a bit of a mysterious, fairytale-like atmosphere, with a lot of keyboard (go go Hammond organ!) touches and a clean guitar sound. You may have to get used to singer Angelos Gerakitis' remarkable vocals but I think it nicely fits the music and the lyrics, which in turn also reflect the band's magical sound. Songs like Fairies Waltz and Hew a Dream in the Twilight - and all the others, too - are soothing to listen to in these cold, dark days.
  1. Smoke suspended in the still air
  2. The rabbit under the teardrop's shade
  3. Shadows of daylight
  4. The reaper's paper boat
  5. Hew a dream in the twilight
  6. Haze secrets
  7. A William Blake's song
  8. Fairies waltz
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