January 4, 2009

Once upon a time in Gaza

Band/artist - Various artists
Genre(s) - Arab traditional music
Origin - Palestine, and Palestinian refugees from all over the world
Album - Palestine - Music of the Intifada
Year of release - 1989
  1. Sabaya Al Intifada - Min al mukhayyam toulad al ru'aya
  2. In A'd Rifaki - Al raba'yye
  3. In A'd Rifaki - Al kassam al filistini
  4. Al-amal Ashabi - Jirah lan tamout
  5. Abnaa el-Balad - Ajrass al intisar
  6. Palestinian Student Karmel Group - Al intifada was jabal al thawra
  7. In A'd Rifaki - Kulluna fil tareeq
  8. Palestinian Student Karmel Group - Watani laysa hakiba
  9. Muhiddine Al Bagdadi - Al fajir
  10. Sabaya Al Intifada - Jabal al zaytoun
  11. Al-amal Ashabi - Bism ilhurriya
  12. Sabaya Al Intifada - Ummi al habiba
  13. Muhiddine Al Bagdadi - Al hegran
  14. In A'd Rifaki - In a'd rafiki
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As I am posting this Israel wages a brutal war against the population at large of one of the last free strongholds of an already occupied, strangled land. After a week of bombardments and artillery fire, Israeli forces have entered Gaza in order to cripple the democratically chosen party Hamas whose paramilitary wing has been firing homemade rockets in answer to continuing blockades that brought the Gaza Strip far beyond the brink of a humanitarian crisis. As mounting anger and worry culminated into massive protests around the world, we took to the Amsterdam streets yesterday with nearly 10 000 men and women - Muslims, Christians, Jews, Socialists and everybody else who cares for Palestine, to protest the attack. Mainstream media speak of 1 500 to "several thousands" of protesters but this (sped-up) video by thentythreetv proves these estimates fall short of the truth:

Al-Jazeera has broadcasted the Amsterdam demonstration in the Gaza strip(!) to bring the Palestinians the strength of international solidarity. Obviously, the people in Gaza aren't happy about this either and they will not let themselves be punished for the resistance the Zionist agenda keeps eliciting against itself. Bombings and violent "incursions" will only drive more people to pick up weapons.
No short video can show the Palestinian spirit of resistance better than this one:

If you want you can also download the
mp3 - here.

Until Israel withdraws from Gaza, lifts all the supply line blockades, allows all refugees since the Nakba the inalienable Right of Return and respects the Palestinian borders as laid down at the partition plan in 1948 - giving back all Palestinian territories it occupies since the 1967 war - we must and I will support Palestinian armed struggle. Of course this is only one step. In the end there must be one state,
not a Jewish state or an Arab state, but one state for both. Before this happens there will be no true peace in the Middle East.


  1. Israel must stop it's terrorist war against the Palestinian people, including the murderous blockades and the theft of people's homes. It's hard to blame the Palestinians who choose to fight back in any way they can.

    But I would definitely shy away from glorifying Hamas. Attacks in civilian areas do nothing but escalate the situation, not to mention it is the same kind of tactic that Israel uses so despicably (though with US supported deadly fire-power and chemical weapons instead of the crude, soviet-era rockets or suicide bombings).

    Anyway, as long as this one-sided massacre continues I support the unity and action of all those trying to end it. Solidarity!

  2. Where did I glorify Hamas? I don't, in general. They are a political party with a majority vote, and there's nothing glorious about that, just reality. But as long as they are the main force organising resistance (even the PFLP has been on the path of compromise lately) we can't blame the people for choosing the side of an organisation like Hamas, or for that matter the Taliban in the case of Afghanistani who face a similar ordeal.