July 17, 2009

The Redskins - Live 1985

Genre(s) - Soul/punk
Origin - York, United Kingdom
Year of release - 1995
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 60.68 MB

This is a band I've been obsessing about and infecting others with for a few months. The name will tell you why. This is a different kind of "redskins" than Johnny Cash sang about: they're skins, and they're red! Actively involved with the SWP* they protested through benefit concerts etc. South Africa's apartheid regime, Thatcher as well as the concessionist Labour line, and supported the miners' strike. To top it all off they play some fine, fine music that'll do well this time of the year. No angry oi! from these blokes, but bouncy soul-punk that can pick you up when you're down any old time and you could even use it to throw a party with. Air-cushion drums propel the sultry guitars, that have only a limited role when the brass section is tearing it up with their contageous melodies. The other centerpiece is the soulful voice of Chris Dean, burning with passion and perfect for delivering his heartfelt revolutionary lyrics. For those who are not yet convinced by this description or the words Socialist Skinhead Soulpunk, I embedded the official videoclip for Kick over the Statues.

*) I am with their Dutch (little-)sister organisation so some advertisement would be in order.

  1. Lean on me
  2. Reds strike the blues
  3. Hold on
  4. Unionise
  5. Kick over the statues
  6. Ninety-nine and a half won't do
  7. Take no heroes
  8. Let's make it work
  9. Keep on keepin' on
  10. It can be done
  11. Turnin' loose
  12. Plateful of hateful
  13. Bring it down
  14. Don't talk to me about the weather
  15. The power is yours
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