July 9, 2009

The Great Society - Live at the Matrix '66

Genre(s) - Psychedelic rock
Origin - The Mecca of Psychedelia (SF, Ca)
Year of release - 1990
Bitrate - 192 kbps
Size - 91.65 MB

If you have any idea about rock music history at all, you know Grace Slick, hippiechick extraordinaire and frontwoman for Jefferson Airplane. Before the Airplanes had the catch of their lifetimes with taking her in, she was with the illustrious group The Great Society, unburdened by fame and inter-member rivalry. It was for this band that she originally (co-)wrote the LSD-hits White Rabbit and Somebody to Love, both in a bit more sedate versions, but already as trippy as making an interstellar journey on a magic carpet (it's soft and fluffy, and I think I'm sinking into it). There are songs on which things are shaken loose and even where hyperspace-mode is engaged, such as the Airplane-worthy Grimly Forming and Father. This live album is a rare and sparkling diamond, or indeed, a lost nugget. Help me in saving it from obliteration and the claws of time, it's worth being cherished.
  1. Sally go 'round the roses
  2. Didn't think so
  3. Grimly forming
  4. Somebody to love
  5. Father Bruce
  6. Outlaw blues
  7. Often as I may
  8. Arbitration
  9. White rabbit
  10. That's how it is
  11. Darkly smiling
  12. Nature boy
  13. You can't cry
  14. Daydream nightmare
  15. Everybody knows
  16. Born to be burned
  17. Father
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