July 8, 2009

Man Lifting Banner - We Will Not Rest

Genre(s) - Hardcore
Origin - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Year of release - 1995
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 31.13 MB

I got fired from work today (over the telephone, no less) so here's some super-angry SxE Trotskyist hardcore punk.

RIYL: super-angry hardcore punk, Leon Trotsky, no beer
  1. Commitment (to communism)
  2. Never
  3. Sister
  4. Donkey shot
  5. Rage
  6. Blow your brains out
  7. If
  8. No compromise
  9. End the fear
  10. Willing
  11. Balance the books
  12. Consume and kil
  13. The other
  14. New October
  15. Empire
  16. Blood
  17. Spirit
  18. One of them
  19. Myth of Freedom
  20. Sister part 0
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  1. what the fuck, why did you get fired?

  2. There's too little work for too many people working there. I did notice that, but then why are they still hiring new people every week? It's a very weird story. I'll hear more about it tomorrow when I'm going back to the employment office that got me the job (and is still getting many people the job).

    Thanks Jimmy, fixed it. I hope you got the album it wrongly linked to though, it's cooler than this one. Else it'll be up soon, this time deliberately.

  3. I was "laid-off" in February - and then pretty much replaced by someone for about $4/hr less.

    That's not really a "lay-off", is it?

    Sucks. Then again, I can stay home and download tons of tunes and work on my own music.

    Silver lining.

  4. Yes, it would seem ideal. Yet, the rent...

  5. Sorry about losing the job, but MLB are so fucking phenomenal. ONe of the few bands that I missed back in the day that I would love to have seen.

    Have you picked up the Total Abuse lps? I'm not as into hardcore as I used to be, but Total Abuse lps rank right up there with MLB and Void.

  6. Don't know any of those bands - I'm not familiar with most real fast hardcore to be honest, even though I like it on occasion and have been liking it more, recently.

    I only know this band because "Burt", the bass-player, is in the central committee of the socialist organisation I'm with.