July 12, 2009

Metallica - Symphony & Metallica

Genre(s) - Heavy metal, hard rock
Origin - SF/LA, USA
Year of release - 1999
Bitrate - 128 kbps

Free Metallica albums! Get your free Metallica albums here! Download them illegally! Hello little girl. Do you want a free Metallica album? How about this one. It's made up of two cd's, so you'll get twice as much music for your zero dollars. And it's live, which is almost always way, way better. There's an orchestra in there, too, which really stuffs tracks such as For Whom the Bell Tolls, Wherever I may Roam, Outlaw Torn and The Call of Ktulu with extra luxurious padding for the explicit enjoyment of the sophisticated layman. You like the whole symphonic merger or you don't, of course, but in these and more songs, there are moments that it really adds to the dramatics, and it seems quite clear they have included those songs in their setlist which mix with the violins best. My parents gave me this album once after a very good report card ten years ago and I've practically grown up with Metallica's symphonicised songs, so to me this is just one big orgy of nostalgia. So get your free Metallica album here and remember kids, paying for stuff is for losers! And if you really have to, save your money for a band that isn't already rich.

Disc 1 (60.58 MB) - Load it down
  1. The ecstasy of gold (Ennio Morricone)
  2. The call of Ktulu
  3. Master of puppets
  4. Of wolf and man
  5. The thing that should not be
  6. Fuel
  7. The memory remains
  8. No leaf clover
  9. Hero of the day
  10. Devil's dance
  11. Bleeding me
Disc 2 (59.85 MB) - Load it down
  1. Nothing else matters
  2. Until it sleeps
  3. For whom the bell tolls
  4. -Human
  5. Wherever I may roam
  6. Outlaw torn
  7. Sad but true
  8. One
  9. Enter sandman
  10. Battery


  1. I love this album, I have the tape version of it somewhere haha

  2. This is actually a pretty decent album. For once, Lars' drums sound like drums, not those over-sampled cannon shots that Bob Rock always uses.

  3. It's my favourite by the band. I think the orchestra really lifts the music to new heights. :)

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