April 6, 2009

Knutna Nävar - Vi Slåss för vår Framtid

Band/artist - Knutna Nävar
Genre(s) - Folk
Origin - Sweden
Album - Vi Slåss för vår Framtid
Year of release - 1972

To repent for the politically incorrect albums I can't help myself but posting sometimes, and to satisfy my most faithful and critical blog buddy (sounds dirty), here's an EP by a band whose antirevisionist ideology is true and free of Trotskyite impurities, etc. etc. The red rascals of Knutna Nävar know how to write a catchy tune even without borrowing melodies from the classic socialist chants, as the first track and the humourous Richard Dollarhjärta prove especially well. The latter song also has a surprisingly modern, rocky sound. The other two tracks are more traditional and would fit well on either of the band's full-lengths (like this one). I was asked for a streak of Marxist-Leninist music but this is the only such release I had previously uploaded and ready for posting. It's just a light snack but I hope you like it.
  1. Det är något konstigt med friheten
  2. Hallå där bonde
  3. Richard Dollarhjärta
  4. Vi slåss för vår framtid
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  1. Talk dirty to me, blog buddy! You've certainly proved your party loyalty. ;) Music blog workers of the world unite!