April 6, 2009

De Stem des Volks - De Rooden Roepen

Band/artist - De Stem des Volks
Genre(s) - Dutch socialist hymns
Origin - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Album - De Rooden Roepen
Year of release - Early seventies, I'd guess

Okay, okay. Some more red tones for the masses of radicalised workers that quietly follow this blog. The Voice of the People, as the band name translates, was a choir based in Amsterdam that literally sung about nothing else but socialism. The tracklist of De Rooden Roepen ("The Reds are Calling"; I kid you not) alone seems ridiculously one-track-minded and humourless. Despite its subject matter and even though it's even in my native language, I can't say I really like it as I do equally single-issue artists as Knutna Nävar or Ernst Busch; I'm not so much for purely choral music and it sounds very boring to me. Oh well. If you don't care for instruments and stuff, if you're such a die-hard communist that you don't even care what the music sounds like as long as they propagate revolution, or if you collect the Internationale in every language, you may want to grab this. Makkers, ten laaste male/Tot de strijd ons geschaard/en de Internationale/zal morgen heersen op aard'!
  1. Morgenrood (Morningred)
  2. Strijdmars der arbeiders (Workers' battle march)
  3. Broeders, verheft u ter vrijheid (Brothers, rise to freedom)
  4. De eerste mei (The first of May)
  5. Aan de strijders (To those who are fighting)
  6. Stort, o arbeiders (Plunge, oh workers)
  7. Strijdlied [mannenkoor] (Battlehymn [men's choir])
  8. Socialistenmars (Socialists' march)
  9. De strijders (Those that struggle)
  10. De Internationale
  11. Eens (One day)
  12. Voor het socialisme (For socialism)
  13. Op naar het licht (Onwards to the light)
  14. Als wij schrijden (As we stride)
  15. De rooden roepen (The reds are calling)
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