April 21, 2009

On the revolutionary necessity of temporary black metal domination

Those who come by here regularly (by the hundreds!! not really) to check for new stuff may have noticed a considerable increase in metal posts lately, which of course means there's less room for actual music. You may think this is good, you may think this is crap, you may not be able to care less - whatever.

Though black metal has always been the largest category of music I share, I would like to state that this is not a black-metal-with-sometimes-some-other-stuff blog. It has never been and will never be. Let me explain.

I go around my files every now and then and pick albums I like to upload. I RAR about thirty, forty of them and upload them. Before half of them are posted, I'll have another few dozen of albums upped. The problem is that the ratio of metal to music has been, say 60:40 in the last batches, while I'd like it to be around 40:60 or less, like it used to be. So I have to post the metal in 70:30 ratios now if I ever want to have a 40:60 blog again, right? Simple common sense.

What I am afraid of is that people who are looking for happy mix of different music styles will be put off at the relative uniformity of the recent two months or so (a uniformity that would be shared by a host of black metal blogs, the one more irrelevant than the other). I want them to know that this current uniformity serves the ultimate goal of future non-uniformity.

So don't lose hope, there will forever be little points of light in between the seemingly endless swathes of darkness and aggression, and the end of the long, dark tunnel is already in sight. Stand fast, music lovers, stand fast!

We don't want to have this blog turn into a miniature of the capitalist system with its cycle of boom and bust, where they attempt to "solve" each crisis with measures that will only make the next crisis bigger and more difficult to overcome.
So in the meantime it would be a good idea if you people spammed me silly with all kinds of non-metal music that I might like so I can one day upload it to share through this blog, and keep a comfy metal:music ratio.

Kind regards,

Your Faithful Blog Poster


  1. You're just sad 'cause you're not srs death kvlts like the rest of us blak metol bloggers.

    I can't believe you plan your blogging that far in advance! I just throw up an individual album whenever I need to procrastinate my school-work for an hour or so. I guess I think about what my next post should be during the non-blogging time, and I try not to post too much black metal back-to-back if I can help it, but I don't organize on a larger scale than that. I don't think my internet connection could even handle that mass of concurrent uploads.

  2. I don't really plan anything, really, just create a pool of albums I can post and deciding on a whim which the next is going to be. Of course keeping in the back of my head an ideal of "balance, diversity and no more than three metal albums in a row". My aim is to post (black) metal as just one genre among many other genres and for that I can't have it make up too big a share of the stuff I post.

    I guess I just pride myself on the diversity offered and would hate to be in a situation where I have posted all good non-metal and still have a lot of metal to be posted. To prevent that from happening, yes, I am prepared to plan ahead a bit.

    Speaking generally I am very scared for the time when I will scroll through my music and realise I have nothing worthwhile left to share.
    So yeah, I do need a lot of good music, metal or otherwise - preferably otherwise because I follow the BM scene much more closely than any other genre and can usually find the good stuff easy enough.

    Just sad? You don't know half how sad I am. Part of the reason for me operating this blog is entirely self-serving. I like to write them eloquent reviews and figure myself the new Christgau, show everyone I'm such a good non-native English speaker with such a wild taste in music, super mega eclectic for the sake of eclecticism... look at me with my indiepop and my black metal and my goth stuff and my skinhead punk, look at me using all those big words and being like, political and stuff, look at me look at me LOOK AT ME!

    *That* is how sad I am.

  3. ahahha, you're adorable.

    I would love to hook you up with some non-metal, seeing that non-metal is all I listen to ;p

    do you still use soulseek? we could have a crazy file sharing frenzy.

  4. It is odd how Black Metal does tend to dominate most blogs and music collections nowadays. Maybe it's just because there is so much available online to anyone who knows how to use Google. But I also find a lot of interesting and diverse musicians in the black metal community - much more variety now than ever - so many sub-genres to choose from - usbm, pagan, ambient, atmospheric, brutal, melodic, industrial, technical, and so on.