August 31, 2008

Knutna Nävar - De Svarta Listornas Folk

Band/artist - Knutna Nävar
Genre(s) - Folk
Origin - Sweden
Album - De Svarta Listornas Folk
Year of release - 1973

I've uploaded plenty of actively leftist music on here but so far this one just takes the cake. Knutna Nävar (meaning clenched fist) are a seventies folk band with strong ties to the
Kommunistiska Partiet Marxisterna-Leninisterna, Sweden's Stalinist party of those times. Strange how it took the fall of the Berlin wall for most who called themselves communists to figure out that Stalin, Mao and their respective legacies maybe just weren't all that socialist and that the Eastern Bloc was not quite a worker's paradise. This disk, the title meaning something like blacklisted folk, is full of 100% pure acoustic propaganda music, and is quite inspiring to listen to considering its revolutionary appeal. And some of the tracks are just pretty good - especially the title track, I Alla Länder (adapted from Bella Ciao), Arbetarbröder (adapted from Ernst Busch's Der Heimliche Aufmarsch, which I plan to upload in due time as well), and Strejken på Arendal. It also shows the spirit of the times and, to be frank, the lack of criticism within the leftist circles to their own accomplishments or lack thereof. I listen to this one a lot: it's simply a very fun glorification of bureaucratic state capitalism hiding behind a socialist façade, but also warms my heart with the flame of revolution. Arbetarbrödar, vi måsta skapa et Kommunistiskt Parti!
  1. De svarta listornas folk (Blacklisted folk)
  2. Hundra procent (A hundred percent)
  3. Greppet hårdnar (Reach higher?)
  4. Strejken på Arendal (On strike for(?) Arendal)
  5. Hör maskinerens sång (Hear the song of the machines)
  6. I alla länder (In all the countries)
  7. Ho Chi Minh
  8. Ut till fronten (On to the front)
  9. Sången om Stalin (Song about Stalin)
  10. En arbetarkvinnas sång till sin son (A worker woman sings for her son)
  11. Arbetarbröder (Worker brothers)
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