April 7, 2009

Siena Root - Kaleidoscope

Band/artist - Siena Root
Genre(s) - Psychedelic retro rock
Origin - Sweden
Album - Kaleidoscope
Year of release - 2006

Some genres of music are rooted in the past so much that it's impossible to escape from its history when applied in the present. Take Siena Root, for instance, revelling
so obviously in the memory of the great bands of the sixties and seventies that Kaleidoscope may as well be an unreleased nugget that's been lying around in someone's cellar since 1971. Bluesy, sweaty retro rock borrowing in equal measures from swampy 60s acid rock (Blue Cheer, Iron Butterfly...) and driving, anthemic blues rock from a few years later, such as Sabbath and Zeppelin. Add a pinch of Creedence, and a strong female voice and what you get is a truly kaleidoscopic album of sundrenched, doped up anachronisms with a vengeance.
  1. Good and bad
  2. Nightstalker
  3. Blues 276
  4. Bhairavi dhun
  5. Crossing the stratosphere
  6. There and back again
  7. Ridin' slow
  8. Reverberations
Load it down (69.91)

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