April 7, 2009

Time for a new blog header

RIP old banner, May 2008-April 2009

To those who've always wondered what the hell the previous banner was supposed to depict: it's one of the Meta-malevitch sculptures by Jean Tinguely. Tinguely (not the man in the picture) was a Swiss kinetic artist, sculpting all kinds of bizarre contraptions that move like a machine but serve no actual function. The Meta-malevitch series consisted of painting machines, which mechanically scratched full pieces of paper or canvas. Pieces of art that create pieces of art! For more works in this fascinating style, see the Wikimedia gallery here.


  1. I have always wondered. I like the new MSPaint banner as well!

  2. do you wanna new artistic banner?

    check my gallery at

    I can shoot something special, just for you, because I just need you and your music. :)