April 19, 2009

Masterplan - Masterplan

Genre(s) - Power metal
Origin - Sweden
Year of release - 2003
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 47.36

rn Lande is a name you often hear being tossed around with great reverence and it was only a few months ago that yours truly was introduced to his amazing voice through this, Masterplan's debut. Wow. Definitely not your average power metal ballsqueezer-vocals. Good. But a talented singer is no guarantee for an entertaining album, luckily the songwriting is of contant high quality, and the instrumentation is confident. The synths are rather trance-like which could be either a good or a bad thing, but they're so subtle and secondary to the guitars that they only serve to bolster and fill out the entirety of the sound and don't really add to or take from the music. The lyrics, brought perfectly, are very positive in nature and embrace life to the fullest. Odd song out here is Crystal Night, which has an antifascist message and is one of the best surprises on the release. No track really beats Kind Hearted Light, though, which is pure gold. A very solid achievement by Masterplan that puts most of their peers to shame; not even the band itself could ever reach this same level of inspiration again.
  1. Spirit never die
  2. Enlighten me
  3. Kind hearted light
  4. Crystal night
  5. Soulburn
  6. Heroes
  7. Sail on
  8. Into the light
  9. Crawling from hell
  10. Bleeding eyes
  11. When love comes close
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