November 25, 2008

Tiger Trap - Tiger Trap

Band/artist - Tiger Trap
Genre(s) - Twee, indie pop
Origin - United States of America
Album - Tiger Trap
Year of release - 1993

Woohoo, happy twee pop for those who liked The Softies and Go Sailor, of course again featuring Rose Melberg. It's got a bit more of a bite than the aforementioned groups - faster, a bit noisier - but it's got all the exuberance and liveliness. You'll love it. Carefree music for the troubled mind.
Forgive the short review but there really isn't much more to say and also I have a tummy ache. :(

  1. Puzzle pieces
  2. You're sleeping
  3. Eight wheels
  4. Supercrush
  5. Tore a hole
  6. Words and smiles
  7. For sure
  8. You and me
  9. Supreme nothing
  10. Chester
  11. My broken heart
  12. Prettiest boy
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