November 18, 2008

Lunar Aurora - Mond

Band/artist - Lunar Aurora
Genre(s) - Black Metal
Origin - Rosenheim, Bayern, Germany
Album - Mond
Year of release - 2005

Aran, Sindar and Whyrhd must have been pretty pissed off when writing and recording Mond because no other release of theirs is as abrasive as this. Incredibly raw and heavy, stripped to its core and generally thundering along relentlessly, this album could probably break you out of prison if you ever needed it. You may miss some of their characteristic subtle touches, but in true Lunar Aurora-style the music
pulsates like a living, seething mass of malevolent energy, hypnotic as ever before. Mond becomes most spectacular in the finale, with the maniacal track Grimm featuring eerie anti-melodies and riffs that just don't come any more crushing. This is Lunar Aurora at their most destructive, and it's fucking glorious.

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  1. Groll
  2. Aufgewacht
  3. Rastlos
  4. Schwarze Winde
  5. Heimkehr
  6. Welk
  7. Grimm
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