November 9, 2008

Anathema - Judgement

Band/artist - Anathema
Genre(s) - Atmospheric rock
Origin - United Kingdom
Album - Judgement
Year of release - 1999

Like Katatonia, Anathema used to be important doom band before crossing into unmetal territory and like Katatonia, they now play dark atmospheric rock. However, I think it is safe to say that Anathema is generally more detached and depressive, but their tracks can also seem more uniform than they really are as they're mostly centered around ethereal guitar harmonies that ooze distress and hopelessness. Their best songs are scattered quite evenly among their releases, Judgement was my choice only because on this one I know which ones they are! The title song (always the fucking title song!!) starts out with a decent main melody that steadily gains in intensity, then explodes in some wicked riffing. Anyone, Anywhere is a doomy song feauturing great interplay between guitars and piano, One Last Goodbye has some of the best vocal deliverances on the record and a beautiful solo to boot, and Wings of God is climactic gloom rock at its best. These last six words, methinks, are a great way to sum up the whole record.
  1. Deep
  2. Pitiless
  3. Forgotten hopes
  4. Destiny is dead
  5. Make it right (F.F.S.)
  6. One last goodbye
  7. Parisienne moonlight
  8. Judgement
  9. Don't look too far
  10. Emotional winter
  11. Wings of God
  12. Anyone, anywhere
  13. 2000 and gone
  14. Transacoustic
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  2. I really, really like the song Panic, so I've been meaning to check out more from Anathema. Thanks!