November 3, 2008

Ik zette een setje slappe slippers in de kast

Band/artist - Various
Genre(s) - Various
Origin - The Netherlands, Belgium
Album - My compilation for youuuuu!
Year of release - Never, duh

I made a compilation of some of the funniest, prettiest, best and whackiest Dutch songs on my computer - don't have so many, to be honest. The first half of track one is still in English, then it's into the unknown! (well unless you happen to speak the language). Since all tracks are so different I'll describe them individually.

  1. The Amazing Stroopwafels - Oude Maasweg (bit meditative old rock)
  2. Nou En - Gothic meisje (pop/rock song about a girl who only wears black)
  3. THC - Je weet het (raw hiphop from Amsterdam)
  4. Malle Pietje en de Bimbo's - Tienerhoer (100% literally translated Hole-cover)
  5. Bert en Ernie - Zoek de zeep (Ernie from Sesame Street is looking for the soap)
  6. Razorblade - Jeugdcultuur (hard oi! from Brabant)
  7. De Huilende Rappers - Butje (catchy and nonsensical rap from Groningen)
  8. Boudewijn de Groot - Prikkebeen (beautiful psychedelic folk track)
  9. De Hardheid - 't vrouwtje (ska, about a neglected wife's bloody revenge)
  10. Boudewijn de Groot - Welterusten mijnheer de president (Holland's official Vietnam-era protest song)
  11. The Opposites - Sjonnie & Anita (dark hiphop track about the typical "low cultured" Dutch couple)
  12. Drs. P - Dodenrit (all about Russian horsedrawn carriages, wolves and nursery rhymes)
  13. Internationale Nieuwe Scene - Blijf niet gelaten op de wonderen wachten (Flemish revolutionary song from the 70s)
  14. Countess - Heilig vuur (entirely anti-musical early Bathory-like black metal abortion; funny if it weren't so sad)
  15. Fluisterwoud - Hoer van de zeven hemelen (actually quite decent raw BM)
  16. De Internationale (Ontwaakt, verworpenen der aarde...!)
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  1. Awesome picture. I think you perfectly captured Dutch culture in every regard. I'm looking forward to a lot of this, including the hip-hop and Ernie dropping the soap.