June 5, 2008

Raymond & Maria - Vi ska bara leva klart

Band/artist - Raymond och Maria
Genre(s) - Indie pop
Origin - Sweden
Album - Vi Ska Bara Leva Klart
Year of release - 2004

Here we have another great piece of soft guitar pop of a sweet and somewhat melancholic kind, quite like the Softies and more bands that I intend to post on here eventually. The difference, of course, is that Raymond och Maria - I believe I read somewhere that they were named after a swingers' club - are Swedish, very Swedish in fact, as all the lyrics are in their mother tongue. The track Ingen Vill Veta Var Du Köpt Din Tröja ("Nobody wants to know where you bought your sweater") is definitely the best and most beautiful, righteously becoming #1 in Sweden's top 40, but this is a wonderful album in its entirety.
  1. Nej
  2. Ingen vill veta var du köpt din tröja
  3. Redan idag
  4. Ingenting för dig
  5. De alskar dig
  6. Min pappa
  7. Det gar aldrig att bli dumm igen
  8. Vi ska blara leva klart
  9. Som
  10. Nar jag blundar
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