June 23, 2008

Nocternity - A Fallen Unicorn

Band/artist - Nocternity
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Greece
Album - A Fallen Unicorn EP
Year of release - 2004

On the back of A Fallen Unicorn's cd case it reads Blacksmithing Black Metal and indeed, the furious pounding of the drums has all the impact of hammers on an anvil. That this EP consists primarily of castoff Onyx tracks doesn't mean it's inferior per se, as the individual songs in this kind of music are completely subordinate to the atmosphere of the release as a whole. It also means that everything what made Onyx so cathartic is present here as well, most notably the unorthodox way of layering guitar and keyboard melodies that gives Nocternity's music its psychedelic edge. There are also some bonus tracks, including a more old-school version of the title track, but the biggest surprise here is a nice dark ambient cover of Pagan Poetry by Björk.
  1. Klagelied des Windes (intro - Vinterriket cover)
  2. A fallen unicorn
  3. The emerald serpent prince
  4. To grey olden shores
  5. Pagan poetry (Björk cover)
  6. A fallen unicorn
  7. Worship the end
  8. Cold wings of Noctisis
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