June 22, 2008

Evoken - Quietus

Band/artist - Evoken
Genre(s) - Doom metal
Origin - United States of America
Album - Quietus
Year of release - 2001

If you liked the Morgion album I posted earlier, this is a logical next stop on your journey through Doomland.
Evoken play music in a comparable style and most probably let themselves be influenced quite a bit by the former band, but have always been more extreme in all aspects. Its atmosphere is darker and more oppressive, which is amplified further by the rather murky production. A lot of people consider this music slow and heavy enough to be called funeral doom - personally I think it's too diverse in composition. Quietus sets itself further apart by use of a live cello, and has some truly orgasmic moments and melodies throughout its duration. This all goes to prove that Evoken are a unique force in the genre and one of the darkest, heaviest, most harrowing bands out there.
  1. In pestilence, burning
  2. Withering indignation
  3. Tending the dire hatred
  4. Where ghosts fall silent
  5. Quietus
  6. Embrace the emptiness
  7. Atrementous journey (outro)
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