June 17, 2008

Go Sailor - Go Sailor

Band/artist - Go Sailor
Genre(s) - Twee, indie pop
Origin - United States of America
Album - Go Sailor
Year of release - 1996

Yay, another one of Rose Melberg's twee bands! Damn, I love that woman. Here we have a much more upbeat vibe than the Softies, making this one of my favourite albums to sing along to, especially when I'm cooking. Singing while cooking is very liberating and it doesn't make such a mess as masturbating does so I encourage everyone to give it a try. Songs like Fine Day for Sailing, The Boy who Sailed around the World or Together Forever in Love are just so cute, catchy and happy that it would take even an exceptionally grim black metal person's every effort not to tap his feet along with the beat or even try out a few clumsy dance moves when he thinks no one's looking.
  1. Last year
  2. Fine day for sailing
  3. I'm still crying
  4. I just do
  5. Bigger than an ocean
  6. Silly
  7. Long distance
  8. Windy
  9. Blue sky
  10. The boy who sailed around the world
  11. Don't go
  12. Ray of sunshine
  13. Together forever in love
  14. Every day
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