June 3, 2008

Geist - Kainsmal

Band/artist - Geist
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Germany
Album - Kainsmal
Year of release - 2006

Germany has always been the primary country of origin of intelligent black metal bands who know how to write memorable songs and albums and Geist is a good example of this. The music is diverse, melodic and consistently moody, with gentle touches from keyboard and acoustic guitar, but of course also moments of fury. It shares members with Funeral Procession and Inarborat (album here), and parallels with these, especially the latter, are certainly audible. It is a pity that the production is a bit weak because songs like Lykoi or especially the title track are jewels and would have benefitted greatly from a fuller sound. I hope the band will pay attention to this in any further releases because this is definitely a very promising piece of work.
  1. Erben aller Einsamkeit (The inheritance of all loneliness)
  2. Einst war es Wein (Once it was wine)
  3. Lykoi (Gr.; Wolves)
  4. Stille Wasser (Silent Waters)
  5. In Pans Hallen (In Pan's Halls)
  6. Kainsmal (Mark of Cain)
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