June 4, 2008

Faith and the Muse - Annwyn, Beneath the Waves

Band/artist - Faith and the Muse
Genre(s) - Ethereal, gothic rock
Origin - United States of America
Album - Annwyn, Beneath the Waves
Year of release - 1996

Quite in accordance with This Ascension, this band preaches a vision of ethereal (basically a swirly, atmospheric kind of darkwave or gothic with ties to neoclassical and shoegaze) a bit more diverse and edgy than their peers. Like the previously shared TA album, Annwyn, Beneath the Waves combines bombastic percussion-driven chantfests like Cantus or Arianrhod, more gothic rock oriented material like for instance the title track, more traditional ethereal fair and the rather angry song Cernunnos. Throughout is a Celtic pagan, anti-modernist theme. I think out of both bands, this is probably the better one.
  1. Annwyn, beneath the waves
  2. The silver circle
  3. Cantus
  4. The dream of Macsen
  5. Fade and remain
  6. Arianrhod
  7. Branwen slayne
  8. Hob y derry dando
  9. Cernunnos
  10. The hand of man
  11. The sea angler
  12. The birds of Rhiannon
  13. Rise and forget
  14. Apparition
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