September 9, 2009

Steve Tannen - Stopped at a Green Light

Genre(s) - Folk-rock, singer-songwriter
Origin -
Topanga (not Topeka!)
Year of release - 2003
Bitrate - 192 kbps
Size - 46.85 MB

Steve is the other Weepie and with his electric guitar, he is the one who provides the duo's more melodic, fleshed-out aspect. His album even starts off with a real uplifting rocker. But in the end he's still just a Weepie so you know it can't last forever. And indeed, Sick to the Bone and Hard Luck Kid are fucking deliciously depressing, with lyrics that seem expressly written for the tragic lives you and I lead. It's great how the Weepies sound like exactly the product (which is a lot more than the sum!) of both halves and having heard their respective solo material you can point out with some accuracy who wrote this or that song, refrain or melody. Fans of the band and of folk(-rock) in general would do well to try out these two albums, they are totally worth it. Warning: spontaneous tendency towards weeping possible.

This release prefers to be downloaded together with A Bird Flies Out and Happiness.
  1. Stopped at a green light
  2. If you don't feel that way
  3. Allison is crazy
  4. Picture of you
  5. Sick to the bone
  6. Good times
  7. Rocks and water
  8. Late night phone call
  9. Yours if you want me
  10. Hard luck kid
  11. Just a little
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