September 17, 2009

Graveland - Fire Chariot of Destruction

Genre(s) - Pagan black metal
Origin - Poland
Year of release - 2005
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size -
54.50 MB

Notorious for being filthy fascies and team cap'n Rob Darken's fashion sense, it's unfortunate that Graveland create such amazing brown metal. It's true to the best currents in the pagan tradition: striding proud and majestic music - no jolly polka rhythms here. With Prayer for my Ancestors and Dance of Axes and Swords (I do believe the tracks are written and sung in Polish, though) the Fire Chariot delivers two of its most memorable tracks and they feel like a forest around you, sheltering and all-encompassing, and beautiful. I wish it wasn't; I feel much more comfortable thinking unpleasant people can only make unpleasant music - you have to admit, it does seem logical. Anyway, this slays most if not all other bands of its kind, especially Absurd.
  1. War wolf
  2. River of tears
  3. Fire chariot of destruction
  4. Flaming wrathful hate
  5. Creator and destroyer
  6. Prayer for my ancestors
  7. Dance of axes and swords
  8. Motherland
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  1. I've wanted to hear some more Graveland, so this is convienent! And yeah, fuck the NS message.. can't deny the excellent songwriting from some bands though. Incoherent vocals also make it easier to listen to, of course.

  2. This one and the next album are actually pretty good - it is unfortunate that such cool music comes from folks with such odd political ideology.

    There's supposedly a new release for this year, too. Haven't heard it yet.