September 5, 2009

God is an Astronaut - God is an Astronaut

Genre(s) - Post-rock
Origin - Glen of the Downs, Ireland
Year of release - 2008
Bitrate - 160-320 kbps
Size - 91.01 MB

Just saw these scruffy blokes live in hideous Tilburg and it was quite the experience. I bought the previously posted EP, A Moment of Stillness, and decided that was kind enough a gesture to allow me to make some more of their stuff available. You ought to exploit that opportunity as God is an Astronaut is simply the best the young post-rock genre has to offer. Things only step up from there if you consider that this self-titled (yet third) full-length is made up of the most wonderful material the band's come up with so far. It's music you could share your burdens with but - watch out - it will also shift some its own burdens back onto your own weak shoulders. Soothing, yes, but sadly so. This is for the people like myself, who supplant and eclipse their own darkest hours by a more abstract sense of great and all-encompassing tragedy. You know who you are, I guess, or don't I. You?
  1. Shadows
  2. Post mortem
  3. Echoes
  4. Snowfall
  5. First day of sun
  6. No return
  7. Zodiac
  8. Remaining light
  9. Shores of Orion
  10. Loss
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