September 21, 2009

2 Unlimited - No Limits

Genre(s) - House!
Origin - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Year of release - 1993
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 50.33 MB

A Dutch electronic, techno kind of music duo - we used to call it house back in the days - that was widely popular in the early to mid-nineties. No Limits (the song) was the first overhyped mega-hitsingle that I consciously experienced, and I and all my peeps at nursery school lapped it up like puppies. Looking back on it today, No Limits (the album) is as nostalgic as it is dated, and contains a lot of boring segments and even ones that simply don't work out. But the old-school fucking primordial electronic effects and great melodies bestow the best moments of the band with a perfectly hedonistic sense of danceability that make it worth the while. Just steer clear of the last two horrid ballad-like tracks and you'll be relatively safe.
  1. No limits
  2. Tribal dance
  3. Mysterious
  4. Faces
  5. Maximum overdrive
  6. The power age
  7. Break the chain
  8. Kiss me bliss me
  9. Throw the groove down
  10. R.U.O.K.
  11. Let the beat control your body
  12. Invite me to trance
  13. Where are you now
  14. Shelter for a rainy day
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