September 29, 2009

Bronski Beat - The Age of Consent

Genre(s) - Synthpop
Origin - United Kingdom
Year of release - 1984
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 55.12 MB

Okay, this may make a few people feel really sickly, and hopefully only because of the music, but to hell with it. Every store has this one in the discount bin,
just today I picked up a second-hand copy of The Age of Consent on vinyl for only fifty cents, and that is for a reason. This record is so distinctively eighties it probably became unlistenable to most of its owners the moment the clock struck twelve to introduce the first of January, 1990. It's disco-ish, falsetto-sung synthesiser pop that makes the Scissor Sisters sound like Fred Phelps guest-singing for Anal Cunt. This stuff is really ultra-gay in every way. And that's the most important point about Bronski Beat. More than a musical project, singer Jimmy Somerville intended this as a social project for gay emancipation, listing a gay legal advice number and pointing out in many countries it was still illegal to be in a homosexual relationship. Most lyrics are about gay issues like discrimination and homophobic violence but also the more everyday and positive aspects, and I was happy to notice many implicit anti-capitalist elements as well. Great music for keeping up spirits while learning boring and difficult texts.

I realise the mp3 files read "Bronsky" with a y but the tags are correct.
  1. Why?
  2. Ain't necessarily so
  3. Screaming
  4. No more war
  5. Love and money
  6. Smalltown boy
  7. Heatwave
  8. Junk
  9. Need a man blues
  10. I feel love / Johnny remember
  11. Smalltown boy (full 12" version)
  12. Why? (full 12" version)
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