September 4, 2009

Botulistum & Christfighter - Split

Genre(s) - Black metal?
Origin - The Netherlands
Year of release - 2000
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 27.99 MB

Totally demented and in(s)ane raw black metal parody, no idea what it's doing here. No entertainment value, no lessons learnt, but great cover art. Enjoy if you can! [they hope you don't]

Track 1-9: Botulistum. Track 10-18: Christfighter.

[repost because of instantaneous delinkaging from the blog's (or file hosting site's) side. The words Load It Down were still there but they no longer led you digitally to Mediafire - the only good file sharing site - which was deplorable to the highest degree. Probably the link will disappear again and perpetually like with, what was it, Forteresse or something.] No, Valuatir! [A black metal band at least; that got delinked every time I tried to share it.] It was Valuatir! [Notice how this pretentious household announcement is much longer in length than the actual post that presented the
album to you was! Super awesome]
  1. Luchtalarm (Air raid alarm)
  2. Mieke had een lammetje (Mary had a lil' lamb)
  3. De ontknaping van Jezus (the deflowering of Jesus)
  4. Moord en pootslag (Murder and gayman slaughter [?])
  5. Schedelentroon (Skullthrone)
  6. Masturbatie op de lijkwade van Jezus Christus (masturbation on the shroud of JC)
  7. Wederopstanding der veenlijken (resurrection of the bog bodies)
  8. Horizon van bloedstaken (horizon of bloodstakes)
  9. Sacriligieuze heiligschennende godslasterende blasfemiën in de naam van de gekloven hoef (VERY blasphemous stuff i.t.n.o. the Cloven Hoof)
  10. Viva la Christfighter
  11. Sletten voor mij (Sluts for me)
  12. Holocaust holiday
  13. Kotsen in de kerk (Puking in church)
  14. Disgusting
  15. M'n ziel voor Satan (My soul for Satan)
  16. Give me some pussy
  17. Neuken, neuken, neuken (Fucking, fucking, fucking)
  18. Heilige nacht, obscure (Holy night...)
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