September 14, 2008

Sixpence None the Richer - Divine Discontent

Band/artist - Sixpence None the Richer
Genre(s) - Pop
Origin - United States of America (Nashville, Tennessee!)
Album - Divine Discontent
Year of release - 2002

Today I awoke to a wonderful sunday morning. The sun was shining from a bright blue sky and all Leiden's church bells were ringing. I knew I just had to upload something sunny and Christian. The choice - not that there was much choice - fell upon Divine Discontent by Sixpence None the Richer. The album title seems much more moody than the music really is. Sixpence play light, graceful, oh so cozy guitar pop with the beautiful vocals of Leigh Nash. You might know them from their earlier single and minor hit, Kiss Me. If that song would have been on this release, preferably instead of the somewhat annoying Melody of You, the album would have been perfect. As is, it's got plenty of highlights like Tonight, Waiting on the Sun and the slightly darker Paralyzed to make up for it. Also you won't have to be afraid or hoping for an orgy of Jesus-praisin' and Bible-thumpin': the lyrics convey some sense of relying on a guiding entity, but not much more. Beautiful morning music, 's all.
  1. Breathe your name
  2. Tonight
  3. Down and out of time
  4. Don't dream it's over
  5. Waiting on the sun
  6. Still burning
  7. Melody of you
  8. Paralyzed
  9. I've been waiting
  10. Eyes wide open
  11. Dizzy
  12. Tension is a passing note
  13. A million parachutes
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  1. I just stumbled across your blog and let me say that I appreciate your breadth of taste. I don't know of too many folks with a penchant for severely underground black metal to profess an interest in Traffic. That's cool. I pride my self on being eclectic as well. But I gotta say, you went too far with Sixpence...I can't even write their whole name because I fucking choke on the the pretension of that name. Now, I don't know much about the band's music other than the vomit inducing 'Kiss Me' but I gotta say that is on my list of worst songs ever. There are three people on my hate list: Chris Kattan, Kiera Knightly, and that fuckin' awful, saccharine bitch from Sixpence...blargghh!!!!

    Sorry for the venom. That's no way to make an introduction. Anyway, I'll check out your blog from time-to-time. i like the way you write.