September 29, 2008

The Pipettes - We Are the Pipettes

Band/artist - The Pipettes
Genre(s) - Pop
Origin -
United Kingdom
Album - We Are the Pipettes
Year of release - 2006

If you enjoyed either of the two previous posts, maybe you should also take a listen at this. The Pipettes are the prettiest girls you've ever met (just so you know), and there's three of them to be exact, though I've understood there were some lineup changes recently.
They have a certain fondness for polka-dots that hasn't been seen since the sixties and right enough, they sing 60s girl group-influenced powerpop songs that make you want to sing and dance. The album's irresistably catchy, and the lyrics deal mostly with boys and discos even though they have quite an attitude sometimes. To make it even better, I've added a loose track of theirs, called I Like a Boy in Uniform, which together with Pull Shapes and the disk's title track is my most favourite. Listening only to negative music is boring and bad for your mental health so do yourself a favour and give it up for the Pipettes!
  1. We are the Pipettes
  2. Pull shapes
  3. Why did you stay?
  4. Dirty mind
  5. It hurts to see you dance so well
  6. July
  7. A winter's sky
  8. Your kisses are wasted on me
  9. Tell me what you want
  10. Because it's not love (but it's still a feeling)
  11. Sex
  12. One night stand
  13. ABC
  14. I like a boy in uniform (school uniform)
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