September 26, 2008

La Ira de Dios - Hacia el Sol Rojo

Band/artist - La Ira de Dios
Genre(s) - Psychedelic rock
Origin - Lima, Peru
Album - Hacia el Sol Rojo
Year of release - 2005

When I think of Peru, the first things that come to mind are llamas, indigenous women wearing babies and bowler hats, and lost Inca cities hidden atop mountain summits. A pretty picture, and now we have a soundtrack to go with it. La Ira de Dios play a blend of rock that wavers from driving stoner pieces to very lazy, guitar-based soundscapes, often gradually merging into one another. There is something sultry and sensual in their music that is best explained by the Latin American continent's peculiar temperament. This gives even the louder bits a relaxing quality - I have found that this album is brilliant for listening during early morning train rides.
Only the vocals are not great but they are sparsely used and not so important for this type of music anyway.
  1. Perdido en el espacio
  2. A tres mil años blues
  3. Ruge
  4. La Señal
  5. Empirea
  6. Cabalgando en la oscuridad
  7. Hacia el sol rojo
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  1. Thanks, I heard their name before, but haven't heard their music, I will definitly check it out!