September 14, 2008

Jesus could wake the dead, Jesus could fly!

Band/artist - Robyn Hitchcock
Genre(s) - Singer-songwriter, folk
Origin - United Kingdom (London)
Album - my own compilation for you!
Year of release - Never actually released

Robyn Hitchcock? Who the fuck is Robyn Hitchcock? Don't you just mean Alfred Hitchcock? Nope. Robyn Hitchcock is a very British, very strange kind of fellow, and by now rather old in that sexy kind of way. He's a multi-instrumental musican and singer, as well as a painter, a sculptor, and a poet - check Museum Hitchcock. In all arts that he dabbles in, he's just as quirky, but I like his music best (because you can hear it). Since he left the Soft Boys in the early 80s he's been releasing solo-albums in a rapid fashion. Roughly alternating between mostly-acoustic albums and electric albums with a backing band like the Egyptians or more lately the Venus 3, he's got such a huge back catalog that I found myself forced to collect the best songs and make a package of my own for you. So the songs vary from folkish to rockish, sometimes manic, sometimes fragile, but all are awesome cause I picked them myself.
  1. My wife and my dead wife
  2. The man with the lightbulb head
  3. Driving aloud (radio storm)
  4. Beautiful queen
  5. The yip song
  6. Alright yeah (in Swedish)
  7. Each of her silver wands
  8. Madonna of the wasps
  9. Uncorrected personality traits
  10. Adventure rocketship
  11. The devil's radio
  12. So you think you're in love
  13. Balloon man
  14. A globe of frogs
  15. One long pair of eyes
  16. Goodnight I say
  17. Nocturne (demise)
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