September 16, 2008

Peste Noire - Macabre Transcendance

Band/artist - Peste Noire
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - France
Album - Macabre Transcendance
Year of release - 2002

This is not my favourite Peste Noire release - La Sanie des Siècles is, but because that one's fairly well-known by now, I decided to upload an oldie. Macabre Transcendance is the band's second demo, and two of its tracks (Le Mort Joyeux and Spleen) made it to the aforementioned album. I think I even like the originals better, despite/because they're a good deal rawer. On the whole, at this early point in the band's history, the music already has those characteristic acoustic parts, guitar soloes and insane shrieks featured on their later material, but that were so lacking on their latest album Folkfuck Folie. A major point of critique about this demo concerns the strange clicking noises in the last two songs, as if the drummer is hitting his sticks together at irregular intervals. This is likely a fault in the production and not of the MP3s because I checked other versions as well. Maybe it's just for kult cred, in which case it's twice as lame. But anyway, here's some great and insane raw black metal with sometimes a gentle touch. ^-^
  1. Intro
  2. Le mort joyeux ([the] cheerful Death)
  3. 666 millions d'esclaves et de déchets (666 millions of slaves and waste material)
  4. Spleen
  5. J'éjaculerai sur vos décombres fumants (I will ejaculate on your smoking remains)
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