September 7, 2008

De Hardheid - De nodige hardheid

- De Hardheid
Genre(s) - Ska, ska-punk
Origin - Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Album - De Nodige Hardheid
Year of release - 2003

Something fun from the mother soil. De Hardheid (The Hardness) are a ska(-punk) band from the god-awful city of Amsterdam. This isn't their fault so let's not attack them on it. They're not quite as awesome as Ska-P but that's no fair comparison anyway; as an individual band they're plenty awesome. Sing their lyrics in their native tongue as well, look at society with a critical eye, etc. The difference is that with De Hardheid, this translates into wry, cynical satire on modern-day western society, instead of purely political statements. To me
the lyrics are the most entertaining aspect of De Nodige Hardheid (The Necessary Hardness). Personally I think our language is both illogical and blunt, but the band has a lot of dark, biting humour. The Track 't Vrouwtje for instance is about a housewife whose husband never wants to have secks anymore because he just wants to drink beer and watch tv, so she cuts off his penis and balls in revenge. Nice! Every other song on the album is about being lazy, drinking beer or things and people that are annoying. The ska is, well, ska-like. With a bit of punk-like punk sprinkled here and there. There are some more mediocre songs, and even those got as nice a groove as any ska is supposed to have, but I can't help but compare them to Ska-P, which they just can't match even at their best moments. It's unfair, they deserve a more objective reviewer.
  1. Snooze (as in the alarmclock function)
  2. 15 piek (15 quid/bucks)
  3. Oh nee (Oh no)
  4. Luie reet (Lazy ass)
  5. Beste vriend (Best friend)
  6. Klootzak (Asshole)
  7. Frisdrank (Fizzy drinks)
  8. Bekhouwe (STFU)
  9. 't Vrouwtje (The wifey)
  10. Buurman (Guy next door)
  11. Kutmuziek (Shitty music - lit. "cunt music" ^_^)
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