May 20, 2008

The Softies - Holiday in Rhode Island

Band - The Softies
Genre(s) - twee, indie pop
Origin - United States of America
Holiday in Rhode Island
Year of release
- 2000

Like the previous Softies album I posted, Holiday in Rhode Island is a collection of rather nondescript but sweetly atmospheric love songs leaning to the depressing side, with only the first track really sticking out. And like It's Love, somehow that's not at all a problem as it is a comfortable musical backdrop for your rainy day reveries. I must say this album is the weaker one, though Sleep Away Your Troubles is probably their most beautiful song ever.
  1. Sleep away your troubles
  2. The places we go
  3. These sad times
  4. The beginning of the end
  5. Just a day
  6. Me and the bees
  7. Holiday in Rhode Island
  8. Favorite shade of blue
  9. You and only you
  10. Sturdies bay
  11. Saint Agnes
  12. If you stayed
  13. Write it down
  14. My empty arms
Load it down

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  1. What a lovely album! Thanks a lot for posting it!