May 20, 2008

The Softies - It's Love!

Band - The Softies
Genre(s) - twee, indie pop
Origin - United States of America
- It's Love!
Year of release
- 1995

Yes, it's soft. It's bright. It's cute. It's Love! And yet it is restrained to the point of lethargy rather than exuberant. In fact, on the whole it is rather sad. This makes for a very satisfying listen when you really don't know just how you're feeling.
Definite highlight is the first track, Hello Rain, but the whole album glides by just pleasantly thereafter. In case you are interested, The Softies feature Rose Melberg of Tiger Trap, Go Sailor and solo work fame, and Jen Sbragia from the All Girl Summer Fun Band.
  1. Hello rain
  2. I love you more
  3. Charms around your wrist
  4. Could I
  5. Until you tell
  6. An awful mess
  7. This house
  8. It's love
  9. Alaska
  10. Fragile, don't crush
  11. Heart Condition
  12. Follow me
  13. I can't get no satisfaction, thank God
  14. Perfect afternoon
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