May 26, 2008

Brigada Flores Magon - Anges Guardiens

Band/artist - Brigada Flores Magon
Genre(s) - Oi!
Origin - France (Marseille)
Album - Anges Guardiens
Year of release - 2002

Some more oi!, anarch-oi! this time around, named after the Mexican revolutionary Ricardo Flores Magon. Anges Guardiens is not by far as polished as the Broilers or Volxsturm material, but is full mostly good melodies (on itself hard enough to find in this genre) and sometimes that's just all ya need. Enjoy!
  1. Partisans
  2. Leve-toi (rise up)
  3. Pour le pire (for the worst)
  4. Anges guardiens (guardian angels)
  5. Paria
  6. Porc en bleu (swine in blue)
  7. Porc en bleu (en Español)
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