December 10, 2009

Why aren't you posting, you dick?

You'll have noticed the post rate dropping still further lately, and this last week there hasn't been any activity at all. Please rest assured, I have not run out of music, but my computer has finally collapsed under the strain. It had been taking over half an hour for it to start up for a few months now so nothing unexpected, and it's been slow but faithful to the end so I don't blame it. The harddisk is probably the problem, but then I have two harddisks and the one that is dead is probably not the one I have all my music on so good for you.

I hope to be able to post something again after the weekend when my programmer dad will install some new hardware in hope of reanimation, but it won't be much since I'm still very busy being such a serious, disciplined student.

But tell me something. What music are you missing on here? I like to keep things as broad as I can, and all the music you can find on here is stuff that I like. What is there that you would like to see posted one day, something weird, something different, something I probably don't know but would like if I did. Recommend me stuff. Anything goes. Thanks in advance.

Hasta la musica siempre!


  1. Take your time man.The stuff you post on here is Fucking legendary.I commend you good sir.

  2. Did you try turning it off and turning it back on?

    I hope you get back on your technological feet soon!

    Have you ever posted any Nagelfar? I've never listened to Nagelfar, but I think you like 'em?